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I would say it's more powerful music

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Li Enjie Photo: Courtesy of the Jingju Theater Company of Beijing
Before Li Enjie became director of the Jingju (Peking Opera) Theater Company of Beijing, he was a military man - and it shows.

Li is still a man on a mission today, of sorts. Ever since arriving at the company in 2010 he has sought to revitalize Peking Opera. More accurately, wrench it from the grip of conservative purists and let the market dictate its demands.

"Hardcore fans are very loyal, but their conservative adherence to the past is the negative side of their loyalty Cheap Ryan Getzlaf Jersey ," said Li.

So far, Li's reforms include affordable ticket prices, incorporating modern elements and letting go of the past in a very literal sense. He refuses to use the term "Peking Opera," preferring the Chinese name jingju. Even on his business card, the words Peking Opera are nowhere to be found.

Li sat down with Global Times to talk about what it will take to turn around the centuries-old cultural juggernaut.

A female character in Beijing Opera

GT: Why do you call Peking Opera jingju?

Li: It's actually the same argument as that surrounding the "Chinese dragon." Chinese dragons are not dragons at all. They are not the fierce and feared creatures they are in the West. In fact they're the opposite. They are seen as bringers of good fortune.

We use the Chinese name in order to get back to its roots. Jingju has its own artistic characteristics Cheap Andrew Cogliano Jersey , which are much different from Western opera. Using the term "Peking Opera" to describe jingju is unfair, because it leads people to believe that it is merely a form of opera from Beijing. It has its own cultural and artistic history completely separate from opera. We want to present jingju without any false preconceptions, so we use the word that best expresses its unique roots and true character.

GT: So how is jingju different from other performance arts?

Li: Jingju is a multi-faceted art. Jingju librettos are scenes from literature and possess characteristics originating from the Chinese classics. They strive to bring out the mood of the work. Every movement a performer makes, from hand gestures to eye expressions to paces taken on stage, is fixed and deliberate. Performers must possess a perfect mastery of acting Cheap Cam Fowler Jersey , singing, speech and acrobatics, without exception.

GT: What does jingju need to develop more than anything else?

Li: In order for jingju to develop, it needs to be of its time. Passing on a tradition does not mean simply copying the past.

GT: Folk art is a living art, and ever changing. What Cheap Corey Perry Jersey , in your opinion, has held back the natural development of jingju as a folk art in recent years?


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