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it on the teacher's arm.

Every time I go on vacation, I will miss the place I used to least go to-school. I remember going to kindergarten the first day, my mother sent me to school. At first, I was curious about what it was like but worried about separation from my mother. Worried all the way, the car finally stopped. I pushed the car door and saw a paradise-like school. For me at that time, it was really big. I have a hint of longing. However, at the school gate, I burst into tears. I was shocked to see other children being hugged in by the teacher, but the parents were turned away. Doesn't mom want me? I started to cry. Pull the mother back hard. I was three years old and I was very weak. Seeing my mother was still, I gradually became desperate. My mother hugged me and said, "It's okay, my mother will come to pick you up from school." "Cheater! Cheater! Go home! Go home! I want to go home." After a while, I became quiet, but the fear in my heart did not disappear at all. I grew up with my mother and never separated, but today I have to separate for a whole day. There was tearing pain in my heart. My mother handed me over to the teacher and waved goodbye to me, thinking about the school-like life on TV Online Cigarettes, I tried every means to get rid of the teacher. But it didn't work at all. My mother is getting farther and farther away from me. I can't bear to go away from my mother. I want to put it on the teacher's arm. Unexpectedly, this trick worked, and the teacher's arm shook and released me. I hurried to my mother's side, pulling my mother's clothes and hiding behind her. My mother glanced back at me and pushed me forward. After some frustration, I still fell into the hands of the terrible teacher Marlboro Gold. That day was really thrilling. I do n��t even know anything about it. I do n��t even want to go to school for lunch. I ��m afraid someone will poison it. Finally, after school, the teacher took us downstairs to find the parents Newport Cigarettes Coupons, but the mother did not come. When everyone was gone, my mother hurried over the next few days. She was no longer afraid of it like the first day, and became more and more fond of the paradise in her heart. Huge ocean ball park, big slides, maze, games. All kinds of equipment are available. Although my memory of campus life is blurred, I never forget the first day of school. It changed my life. The school is like home. Several classmates help each other and have fun together. However, with age, schools have gradually become a tool for knowledge. The former happiness is not coming back, but examinations and criticisms follow. Now think about yourself on the first day of school, it is really bold.

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